Gudetama, the popular apathetic egg character from Sanrio, is being given the chance to shine, quite literally!

For a character claiming to be too lazy and unmotivated to do anything, Sanrio’s Gudetama certainly seems to be involved in a good number of projects, from maid cafes to his own range of Easter desserts. This time, the apathetic egg is getting a shiny makeover as a line of jewelry in collaboration with Japanese  jewelry maker and retailer THE KISS.

The two adorably sparkly items below are now available online on a made-to-order basis:

■ The Gudetama Necklace (91,000 yen [US$822])

This delicate Gudetama necklace recreates the character’s egg white with 950 platinum and the yolk with 18k yellow gold. The piece is also decorated with three diamond stones. Seeing Gudetama’s lethargic form reproduced with such precious materials should give fans a special thrill! In addition, the necklace comes in a custom-made metallic egg-shaped container.

■ The Gudetama Ring (91,000 yen)

The jewelry line also includes a ring. The design features Gudetama in an endearing pose looking like he’s about to slide off the ring, and again, the piece uses 950 platinum for the band representing the egg white and 18k yellow gold for Gudetama’s body.  The ring too comes in a special egg-shaped container.

▼ Here’s the special packaging the pieces come in. A container designed to open like a cracked egg certainly makes for a lovely detail.

▼ The egg-shaped container itself comes in this box, so the jewelry is sure to be beautifully presented.

The Gudetama x THE KISS collaborative jewelry line is currently available through either the official THE KISS online shop or the Fan Fun Market website. Sure, the pieces don’t come cheap, but they should be treasured by any Gudetama fan. And even if you’re not looking for jewelry, one thing’s for sure; no egg ever looked so cool in gold and platinum!

Source, images: PR Times
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