The stunning new plate series brings iconic imagery from the modern-day world of manga and anime to a revered traditional art.

Tono, in Gifu Prefecture, is well-known for its acclaimed ceramics culture, with the area’s locally made Mino ware pottery highly regarded as some of the best in the country. With manufacturing origins that can be traced back to the 7th century, the area has long produced tableware for kaiseki traditional meals and bowls for formal tea ceremonies. Now, for the 21st century, Mino ware producers are creating plates for legions of anime fans.

The “Mino Mame Sara Set” comes in two varieties, each featuring four “mame sara” (“legume plates”) measuring 7 centimetres (2.8 inches) in diameter.

▼ The Gintama set brings you a plate for every season, perfect for serving up snacks or creating conversations as display pieces.


▼ Tatsuma Sakamoto, or Katsura no Tatsu (The Dragon of Katsurahama), portrays an image of winter with the season’s iconic pine tree in the background.


▼ Shinsuke Takasugi, or Kiheitai Soutoku, the Leader of the Kiheitai, is pictured with the Higanbana (“red spider lily”) autumn flower.


▼ Katsura Kotarou, or Kyouran no Kikoushi (The Nobleman of Fury), appears alongside a summer iris.


▼ Sakata Gintoki, or Shiroyasha (White Demon), is joined by one of the nation’s most iconic symbols of spring: the sakura cherry blossom.


▼ The Naruto plate set focuses in on some famous Mangekyo Sharingan (Copy Wheel Eyes) as a tribute to Uchiha clan members from the much-loved series.


▼ The Six-Sided Star Shape belongs to Sasuke Uchiha.


▼ Itachi Uchiha wields the Three-Sided Cyclone.


▼ This distinctive shuriken throwing-star shape is for Obito Uchiha.


▼ While the circular design is used by Madara Uchiha.


Each set comes in a beautifully designed box made from Paulownia wood and is available for purchase from the Premium Bandai official site for 4,320 yen (US$39), with August delivery. Unfortunately, it looks like Premium Bandai does not offer international shipping, so if you want some of these plates, you’ll need to use a reshipping service.


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Source, Images: @Press