Denny’s customers can enjoy the taste of Kyoto’s Uji matcha green tea this summer.

For a popular family restaurant chain that markets itself as “America’s Diner”, Denny’s still knows how to please local tastes in Japan. From Pokémon-themed pancakes to traditional rice and noodle dishes, there’s always something special on the menu to keep customers coming back for more, and this summer, they’re enticing us by adding a touch of Kyoto to their dessert menu, with a number of new sweets containing highly regarded matcha powdered green tea from Uji. With pancakes and tiramisu on offer, deep shades of green have never looked so tantalising.

The Uji Tiramisu-Style Matcha (530 yen/US$4.83) comes served in a beautiful Japanese bowl, with contrasting colours of green and white made up of deep-coloured bitter green tea jelly and supple, rich mascarpone cream. The silky textures are topped off with a crunchy green tea crumb and chewy shiratama glutinous rice balls.


The Uji Matcha Sundae (753 yen) packs an impressive serving of traditional Japanese flavours into a tall glass, creating a visually striking dessert. The bittersweet flavour and refreshing fragrance of green tea jelly and ice cream is joined by the subtle, earthy tones of sweet adzuki red beans, and topped off with whipped cream, matcha crumbs and shiratama rice balls.

The Uji Matcha Mini Parfait (498 yen) condenses the flavours from the taller sundae into a more compact dessert. The upper layer of brown hojicha roasted green tea crumble, however, has been replaced with a handful of crunchy cornflakes.


The Uji Matcha Pancakes (579 yen) are topped with a dollop of smooth, thick green-tea-flavoured cream, alongside scoops of mascarpone and matcha ice cream and a crunchy hojicha crumble. Cutting into the three-tiered pancake reveals a moist centre of strawberry jam, mascarpone and boiled sweet red beans, which provide a variety of flavours in every mouthful.


The delicious new matcha dessert menu will be available at Denny’s restaurants around the country from 7 June.

Source, Images: PR Times