Delicious Japanese flavors of European classics turned into donuts!

Summer is here, and that means new, limited-edition flavors from all of our favorite restaurants and cafes! The newest summer flavors to hit the shelves are at Kripsy Kreme Donuts, which will be releasing a new line of menu items, known as the Japan x Sweet Story, showcasing some of Japan’s best flavors combined with some of Europe’s most beloved sweets.

Take the Muchimochi Uji Matcha Monblanc donut (270 yen [US$2.40], or 275 yen for dine-in), for example. It combines the design of a French staple dessert, the Monblanc, with Japanese Uji Matcha green tea flavoring. The stone-ground Uji Matcha powder is mixed into the dough and combined with the cream that’s swirled on top of the donut to make a very matcha dessert. With a final topping of Hokkaido sugared red beans, this is a delicious, comforting Japanese treat that you won’t want to miss, especially if served warm.

The Yuzu Pannacotta donut (270 yen/275 yen for dine-in) brings Japan’s beloved citrus fruit together with a delicious Italian dessert. A ring donut is stuffed with creamy and rich pannacotta filling, then drizzled with a glaze made with fresh yuzu juice. The sprinkled toppings of yuzu peels add a nice sweet and sour touch to this donut, making it more refreshing than heavy, and a lovely summer treat.

Lastly, you can wash it all down with Krispy Kreme’s new Azuki Uji Matcha Latte (486 yen/495 for dine-in), which uses classic Japanese flavor combinations in a new and artistic way. Made by first scooping a sauce of Hokkaido red beans into a cup, topping it with milk, then gently adding wonderfully fragrant Uji Matcha tea, this cold drink is a harmony of delicate flavors that you won’t be able to get enough of.

All three new menu items will be available starting on July 14 and will stick around until the end of August (for the donuts) and the middle of September (for the drink). If you love Japanese flavors, then you’ll definitely want to try these out before they’re gone!

Source: Krispy Kreme via Entabe
Images: Krispy Kreme

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