Japanese desserts

We try a Ninja Kakigori shaved ice dessert in Japan and wash it down with Cheese Tapioca Tea

Castle setting is the perfect home for this shadow warrior’s Japanese dessert. 

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New Kumo Cloud Cake from Tokyo is the Japanese sweet on everyone’s lips right now

Taste the clouds on your tongue and float away to a better place in the heart of the capital.

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Cold Stone now has sakura mochi ice cream in Japan for a limited time!

The addition of pounded sticky rice makes this new creation taste like a traditional Japanese daifuku sweet.

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Fried Oyster Ice Cream: the taste of the sea in a Japanese soft serve dessert【Taste Test】

One of Japan’s most intriguing flavour pairings

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Studio Ghibli Ponyo dessert now available at Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory in Tokyo

Totoro and Ponyo are waiting for you to eat them at this beautiful Hayao Miyazaki-endorsed cafe.

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Custard pudding with natto fermented soybeans? We try the new dessert craze sweeping Japan

It might sound like an unusual pairing, but according to Japanese sweet connoisseurs, this is actually a delicious combination!

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We eat gold-leaf “Kinkaku Soft Ice Cream” near Kinkakuji Golden Pavillion temple in Kyoto

After looking at the brilliant gold leaf covering the World Heritage-listed temple, you can now eat it too, in a beautifully presented ice cream cone.

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Denny’s Japan puts matcha desserts, including pancakes and tiramisu, on its menu

Denny’s customers can enjoy the taste of Kyoto’s Uji matcha green tea this summer.

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Tokyo’s Irina Churns Out Some Amazingly Colorful Roll Cakes

Bright pink polka dots, zebra print, and purple stripes are printed on these oblong objects.  They look so showy and colorful, but what could they be?  A handkerchief?  A fancy sponge?

Believe it or not, these colorful circles are roll cakes (rolled sponge cake and cream filling), and yes, they are edible.  They’re so cute and tiny we could eat a hundred of them, but the sad realization that we can’t sit around all day snacking on these beautiful pastries without gaining some junk in the trunk has got us down.  At 271 yen (US $3.47) for one mini roll cake, these little guys will slim down your wallet while expanding your waist.

You can find these sweets at irina, a bakery that specializes in roll cakes.  Our reporter visited irina’s Ginza store to check out these amazing little pastries.

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