heat stroke

What colors of clothing will keep you cooler in summer? Japanese researchers experiment

We all know white is cool and black is hot, but what about the colors in between?

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To prevent heatstroke and COVID-19, Ibaraki vending machines dispense free cold water to students

The vending machines have been set up at 14 different elementary and middle schools in Tsukubamirai city.

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Japan’s intense heat wave has killed 79 people in Tokyo

Public health agency pleads with one group to take simple but critical precaution against heatstroke.

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Japan’s new watermelon Fanta is first of its kind with added salt content

The new salty Fanta has been developed to help protect drinkers from summer heatstroke.

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Bottles? We Don’t Need No Stinking Bottles! In China Everyone Carries Cucumbers to Beat the Heat

In these dog days of summer it’s a pretty good idea to carry around a bottle of water or sports drink to stay safe from heat stroke.  However, in China, home of the melt-proof ice pop, people are into a much more low tech way to keep cool.

One of our reporters was standing at a traffic signal in Shanghai when he spotted an attractive businesswoman rummaging through her purse.  Finding what she was looking for, she pulled out a huge cucumber and started munching on it as nonchalantly as one would drink a cup of coffee from Starbuck’s.  Mildly aroused, he decided to investigate this spontaneous act more deeply.

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