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It might be too cute to eat, but we can’t help wanting more!

Ask any top-notch chef and they will tell you that presentation is half the battle. If you make your customers ogle your food, you’ve basically got them eating it already. But sometimes, you might spend so much time making your food look good, it turns out to be too cute to eat!

That’s the problem we are having here with the wonderful bird-themed omelet rice dish shared by @lovebirdshowcas. Starting with white rice for the body and using turmeric to color the head, the Twitter food-artist created an amazing base for this adorable bird. What almost shifts the creation into inedible is the super charming details that really bring the bird to life — the wings, the feet, the beak, the eyes and, of course, the orange cheeks make our hearts break knowing someone is going to eventually dig in and eat it.

▼ Check out those cutesy mushrooms too!

bird food 1

Twitter is going wild over *kaori*’s birdy creations, but it’s actually not her first bird dish. Using her social media, she’s been happily sharing bird-inspired food with the world for a while, including sweet potato tarts, pancakes and more.

▼ How about a grated radish bird for your tofu?

▼ That is some serious detail and skill on the skillet!

▼ These sweet potato tarts almost look like little chocobos!

▼ This chirashizushi is fit for an emperor.

▼ It’s like a stained glass window made of edible sushi roll!

▼ These bean-sized birds show her dedication to her craft.

It’s a good thing that *kaori* isn’t cooking food for us here at RocketNews24, because with her skills and attention to cute details, we aren’t sure we’d be able to eat any of the adorable food. And then we’d end up with our own aviary!

Source: Togech
Top image: Twitter/@lovebirdshowcas