The latest summer collection of our favorite modern samurai kimono offers a range of functionally fashionable garments.

Fashion house Wazigen Shizukuya is the perfect choice for lovers of traditional Japanese aesthetics to blend traditional clothing with modern-day design, no matter if it’s summer or winter. The popular Kyoto-based clothing brand always has something bold and refined to offer for men looking to make a statement in either their daily lives or formal occasions.

Now that the end of June has officially come and gone, Wazigen has unveiled their 2019 summer collection which consists of 10 different clothing items. Made with a variety of breathable materials designed to beat the heat, these pieces will leave buyers feeling cool in not just one but two senses of the word.

1. Hakama and kosode

The first ensemble consists of two parts: a bold silver and black leopard print hakama (pleated pants) over a net-like black kosode (sleeved robe). Both parts are made of polyester.

▼ Hakama: 42,000 yen (US$388), kosode: 50,000 yen

2. Hooded robe

This hooded robe is patterned with a tortoise shell-like geometric design that’s both retro and modern at the same time. Made from a mix of polyester, ramie, and cotton, the bright crimson lining also adds a splash of color to the visuals.

▼ Hooded robe: 68,000 yen

3. Hasode and kaname-dama

This pale blue hasode (outer wrap) can be pinned up near the shoulders to display an even more vividly blue underside. The fabric, made from polyester, ramie, and cotton, features a delightful circular pattern reminiscent of bubbles. A chain of acrylic kaname-dama (beads) that also resemble bubbles completes the look by anchoring the two sides of the hasode in place.

▼ Hasode: 70,000 yen, kaname-dama: 7,000 yen

4. Hakame and kosode

One of the most traditional-looking of the new ensembles, this hakama and kosode set is stylishly simple. This time the hakama is made of polyester and cupro while the kosode is linen.

▼ Hakama: 42,000 yen, kosode: 45,000 yen

5. Mantle

In contrast to the above, the following mantle is one of the most modern-looking pieces in the summer lineup. This almost sheer, buttoned outerwear hangs loosely to the knee area and is made of polyester.

▼ Mantle: 70,000 yen

6. Hakama and kosode

This simple but effective combination makes use of a bold pattern of stripes on the kosode (made of rayon, linen, and nylon) under a simple gray hakama (cotton and polyester).

▼ Hakama: 42,000 yen, kosode: 40,000 yen

7. Parka

While the company calls this piece a parka, it appears more like a mesh hoodie vest. Its defining feature is undoubtedly the pop of vibrant emerald peeking out from under the hoodie and the ornate clasps located near the shoulders. It’s made from a combination of polyester, cotton, and silk so should be quite soft to the touch.

▼ Parka: 48,000 yen

8. Hasode and kaname-dama

This second hasode features two sides: one of geometric brown shapes and the other of faded brown hues. The piece drapes elegantly like a scarf over the torso, perhaps due to the cotton, silk, and polyester making up its design. The corresponding kaname-dama includes the unusual element of buffalo horn with acrylic.

▼ Hasode: 70,000 yen, kaname-dama: 7,000 yen

9. Kosode and hakama

The last of the kosode and hakama combinations, this polyester and cupro kosode showcases a subtle but effective striped design. The solid-tone navy blue hakama is made of linen cotton.

▼ Hakama: 45,000 yen, kosode: 45,000 yen

10. Hooded robe

Rounding off the list is a second hooded robe made of 100 percent polyester. Its thin white lines over a black base blur the lines between traditional and modern.

Hooded robe: 68,000 yen

While all of the items in the Wazigen Shizukuya 2019 summer collection are undoubtedly on the expensive end of things, the price tags may not deter die-hard fans of the fashion line’s striking aesthetics. The individual pieces in the collection can be viewed from multiple angles and ordered via the English version of Wazigen Shizukuya’s official website.

Source: Wazigen Shizukuya via Japaaan
Images: Wazigen Shizukuya
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