Traditional fashion meets contemporary cool in a variety of eye-catching fabrics and patterns.

Kyoto-based company Wazigen Shizukuya has been taking traditional men’s fashion out from the history books and into the streets of modern-day Japan with a number of seasonal collections recently. This autumn, as the weather cools, they’re releasing yet another range of spectacular outfits, with heavier fabrics to keep stylish gents warm while out and about enjoying the leaf-changing season.

First up in the range is a gorgeous, patterned silk-blend kosode kimono-sleeved top (45,000 yen [US$434]) and a hakama pleated pant (35,000 yen), made from a 100-percent cotton denim fabric which has been processed to resemble copper foil.


Perfect for a visit to Kyoto’s Kinkakuji Golden Pavillion, passers-by will be spending as much time admiring you as they will the World Heritage Site if they catch a glimpse of you in this next gold ensemble! Inside the lining of the top, which retails for 45,000 yen, is a gorgeous pattern of family crests, while the pant, which retails for 40,000 yen, is made from a special material designed to keep its shape, which guards against wrinkles and creases.


To keep you snug during the cool autumn nights, the kosode and hakama outfits can be covered up with a stylish cape jacket (70,000 yen), which creates a rugged, warrior-like silhouette.


Alternatively, you can use a long hooded parka (75,000 yen) to keep warm, with wide-sleeves and a variety of patterned fabrics designed to change appearance depending on the angle from which it’s viewed.


The centrepiece of the collection is a stunning black-and-red ensemble designed to evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue. The pleather top (40,000 yen) is like no kimono we’ve ever seen before, with a rock-star edge that pairs beautifully with a more austere merino wool blend hakama pant (45,000 yen).


While the cost of the outfits are undeniably steep, for lovers of traditional Japanese attire it’s a small price to pay for an exclusive item, especially when the attention to customer service involves personalised fittings inside glorious traditional rooms.


▼ Visiting the small Kyoto alleyway where the store is located instantly makes customers feel as if they’re stepping back in time to an era when everyone wore kimono!


With the company gaining more attention worldwide with every new collection, the samurai-inspired fashion range looks set to continue expanding throughout the upcoming seasons. To view the full range of styles on offer, stop by the store in Kyoto or visit the Wazigen Shizukuya website for more details.

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Wazigen Shizukuya / 和次元 滴や
Address: Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi, Kamigyo-ku, Marutamachi, Minatomachi, Higashisanbongi-dori Agaru 519-4

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