Enjoy samurai-inspired fashion year-round with this new lineup of lightweight Japanese-style garments.

The heavy-coated drop-shoulder silhouette has been a favourite winter choice for fashionable customers of Japanese company Trove since their line of modernised haori half-coats was first released back in 2015.

Now the company is continuing to take a modern spin on traditional clothing by bringing the stylish look into their new summer range, this time incorporating a shorter style modelled on the hanten short coat, and using breathable, lightweight fabrics to keep customers looking and feeling cool during the warmer months.

Made from 65 percent cotton and 35 percent silk, the Botanical Grey coat uses a luxurious fabric sourced from a British company called Liberty.

The Sea Blue design is made from 100 percent cotton, and features a wider armhole for an easy, casual fit.

The Khaki version is also made from 100 percent cotton, only this one is finely woven to give off a smoother, satin-like finish. This design also features a small rope attachment hidden inside the front lapels, allowing it to be worn open or closed for a different look.

The 100 percent cotton Black coat also features a satin-like finish and an inner rope attachment to adjust the look.

The new range of lightweight coats, which retail for 15,120 yen (US$135) each, is part of Trove’s summer Wa-Robe (Japanese Robe) collection, which also includes a number of shirts and a range of beautiful yukata (light cotton kimono).

▼ The Juban Tee (6,480 yen) incorporates the high back collar seen on haori and hanten coats into its design.

▼ The Koikuchi shirt range (11,880 yen each) features the same casual, drop-shoulder look seen on traditional coats.

And for those who prefer to take a walk in truly traditional attire, Trove has a gorgeous range of yukata for men on offer, which range in price from 19,440 yen for the Navy Cordlane pictured below…

▼ To 21,600 yen for the navy/black bi-colour yukata…

▼ And all the way up to 27,000 yen for the Botanical, which is made with a high-end luxury cotton.

Trove is currently accepting orders for the entire summer collection at their online store, with deliveries scheduled for June. Given the immense popularity of their previous collections, Trove has also set up special instructions here so international customers can make purchases too.

Source: Japaaan
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