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Because it’s just too hard to choose between cute and cool.

Ever since Pocket Monster Red and Pocket Monster Green back in 1996, the Pokémon franchise has simultaneously released two different versions of each video game installment. That’s set to continue with the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon, and now the series’ software legacy is spreading to hardware too, as Nintendo Japan has just announced two Pokémon-themed special edition New Nintendo 3DS LL handhelds.

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Since you can’t have Pokémon merchandise without Pikachu, a softly sketched version of the loveable series mascot graces one of the units, the housing of which is the same color as the character’s fur.

▼ There’s even a bit of artwork on the backside.

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If that’s just too bright and cheery for you, you can also opt for a chic black version.

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Decorating the casing are monochrome versions of the lion-like Solgaleo and winged Lunala, the Legendary Pokémon of Sun and Moon, respectively.

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The “gotta catch ‘em all” mentality being what it is, odds are many fans are going to have trouble picking between the two. Completionists who decide to shell out for both will also obviously be buying both versions of the new Pokémon game, so to make things convenient Nintendo will be releasing a 10,757-yen (US$98) combo pack that contains both Sun and Moon, plus special codes for 100 Poké balls to be used in each game.

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Both 3DS LLs are individually priced at 20,304 yen and share the new games’ street date of November 18. Since the special handhelds quantities are limited, though, the smart move would be to reserve yours once preorders open on July 16.

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Source: Nintendo via Jin
Images: Nintendo (edited by RocketNews24)