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Over at YouTube channel AWE me, the men and women at Man at Arms recreate a realistic replica of Voltron’s Flaming Sword, because, uh… Why wouldn’t you?

YouTube’s AWE me is kind of a weird channel, featuring a bunch of DIY enthusiasts who also happen to be nerds into recreating various props from pop culture. On one of their latest builds via Men at Arms, some members of the team took it upon themselves to recreate Voltron’s Flaming Sword from scratch using real-world methods.

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The result is a sword that not only cuts through various fruits and vegetation with ease, but also actually lights on fire because doing anime sword replicas is worth overdoing to a ridiculous degree.

AWE me’s video is a little long, but it duly revels in the building process, covering minor details like how to sharpen the blade and meticulously craft replicas of the anime’s ornate jewels located near the hilt of the sword.

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The people over at Man at Arms go over the sword’s origins in agonizing detail, even going so far as to hunt down an authentic Voltron toy in order to more accurately replicate the dimensions of the prop. Following that, they meticulously build a real-world equivalent of Voltron’s Flaming Sword, complete with fuel lines that actually light the weapon on fire so that you too can clobber watermelons and other plant life with a giant grin just like the video’s obviously giddy tester.

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No word on how much this replica costs or how many man hours it took to create, but given the quality of materials and production method, we’d say it’s probably way above your budget and you’d be better off just asking the guys at Man at Arms to borrow the thing for a cool cosplay photo-op.

Source: Laughing Squid
Images: YouTube