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Wait until you see the badass Mewtwo one they have lined up as well.

We’ve seen a lot of amazing unofficial Pokémon apparel in the past, so it’s nice to see something cool come out of the official Pokémon lines every once in a while.

On June 25, the design group NC Teikoku will be releasing their Pokémon t-shirts based on Masked Pikachu, Ditto, Mewtwo, Magneton, Umbreon, and more.

Here’s what they have lined up:

▼ “Masked Pikachu” (or “Pikachu Libre”) as made famous
by the Wii U fighting game Pokkén Tournament.

pokemon shirts 01

▼ Apathetic ditto comes in two shades: “Pretty-Sure-I-Don’t-Have-
Any-Friends Pink” and “Well-I-Guess-I’m-Blue-Now Blue.”

pokemon shirts 02

▼ This Mewtwo/Koffing/Weezing design is amazing but
kind of small to see. Scroll down for a zoomed-in image.

pokemon shirts 03

▼ This looks like it should have the “Parental Advisory”
sticker in the bottom left. Love it.

mewtwo shirt

▼ This Magneton (“Rarecoil” in Japanese) shirt is really cool too,
but hard to appreciate so small. Scroll down for a zoom.

pokemon shirts 04

▼Ooh yes, Magneton. You write the schematics of my heart.

pokemon shirts 06

▼ And finally Umbreon (“Blacky” in Japanese)
with its name written out in a cool font.


If you want to get one of these shirts so you can share your love of Pokémon loud and proud, they will be available at all Japanese Pokémon Centers and at the Online Pokémon Center starting June 25, and Amazon Japan’s Pokémon Store starting July 2. The prices vary slightly but are about 5,000 yen (US$49) each, so you may want to catch a Meowth and teach it payday as soon as possible.

Source: Pokémon Japan via KAI-YOU
Featured/top image: Pokémon Japan

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