Kid chatter interrupting your Zoom call? Struggling with work/life separation? Never fear, the Otegaroom is here!

If you ordinarily work out of an office, there’s a likelihood you’ve been asked to work from home in some capacity in recent months. After all, it’s a lot less dangerous to limit your exposure to other human beings by staying inside your usual lodgings with a limited number of people. The problem arises when the other people you live with are also working from home…especially if you tend to have conference calls at the same time of day.

Soundproofing company Pia Living’s new Otegaroom — that’s a compound word of “otegaru,” meaning cheap or simple, and “room” — may be the answer to your prayers, as it offers the ability to install an even tinier room inside your existing living space that comes packed with plenty of soundproofing, LED lighting and even a ventilation fan to ensure you can carry on phone calls, meetings and even private guitar jam sessions without worrying about noise pollution.

▼ Choose between an Antique White or Bitter Brown palette for your Otegaroom.

The walls of the room contain sandwiched boards that work in tandem to keep sounds both insulated from outside noises and absorbed so that sound doesn’t leak out. Apparently, this system means that you’ll both be protected against and prevented from spreading sounds around a volume of 15 decibels. The room is also equipped with a neat little desk to sit at for when you need to use your laptop.

There are holes included so you can pass through electrical cords, and the whole construction is remarkably light, weighing in at about 50 kilograms (110 pounds) before the desk is installed. It doesn’t require any specialized knowledge to set up, though they recommend asking a partner to help you. And if you don’t have a partner around to help build a soundproof sanctuary, what do you even need the soundproof sanctuary for?

▼ Extension cords fit neatly through the sides of the room.

Of course, privacy is pricey. If you want to set up an Otegaroom in your apartment you’ll have to be willing to part with 198,000 yen (US$1,855), but keep in mind that you’re purchasing something with the true-and-tested soundproofing technology of Pia Living. The entire ethos behind their store is to help people live in pleasant, quiet comfort, so they’re bound to provide the finest light-weight, tiny, soundproofed room experience that money can buy.

And don’t you want to rock out at all hours on your ukulele without worrying about the neighbors?

Right, that’s what we thought.

Source: Pia Living via Netlab
Images: Pia Living

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