Transform yourself with U-Treasure’s new solid gold or platinum Ditto necklaces

Ditto fans rejoice! Fan jewelry just for you.

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Kirby wedding rings let you combine powers with the love of your life【Photos】

Nintendo’s lovable ball of cuteness transforms into extremely elegant designs.

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Pokémon Master Ball engagement ring case is sure to help you catch your beloved’s heart

Poké-pop the question with this beautiful handcrafted case from Japan’s Pokémon wedding jeweler.

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Cardcaptor Sakura engagement rings are here to help you capture your bride-to-be’s heart

Japanese jeweler unveils three magical designs inspired by the anime magical girl.

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Personalized Pokémon gold necklaces are here to empty out our wallets once again

Treat yourself or a friend to one of these exquisitely crafted necklaces and become Poké-pretty.

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Eevee and Eeveelution necklaces now on sale, promise to wipe out your wallet

They’re so pretty, you’ll want to buy ’em all!

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Head to Tokyo or Nagoya to make your own custom Pokémon jewelry from 87 cute designs

Jeweler U-Treasure is joining forces with all your favorite pocket monsters so that you can brand them into cool accessories – by hand! Read More

Pikachu engagement and wedding rings let you tell the love of your life “I choose you”【Photos】

Wedding rings for men and women, plus an awesome Poké Ball box for when you pop the question.

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Planning to propose to a Pokémon fan? They’ll love this gorgeous Mew engagement ring

This solid gold diamond ring will certainly have them saying “I do”!

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The most elegant Evangelion jewelry in the world is coming soon!

The attention to detail and sheer beauty of each piece shines through as if made by descending Angels.

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