Encountering Pokémon in real life via Pokemon GO is cool. Lapras on the edge of extinction due to poaching? Not so much.

The latest Pokémon games — Sun and Moon — for the 3DS are set for release on November 18th and the Pokémon website has a new illustrated guide to help get everyone pumped up for it. This illustrated guide gives two separate descriptions for each Pokémon, labeled “Sun” and “Moon” respectively. A couple of the descriptions on the “Moon” side, though, have a noticeably darker tone.

In particular, take the description for Lapras…

Sun: Has great intelligence, understands human languages. Sings with a lovely voice when in a good mood.
Moon: Was once the verge of extinction due to poaching. Now, as a result of too many safeguards and protections, the population has exploded.

lapras description

Woah. That’s pretty serious. This ain’t no kids game, folks.

lapras 1

Twitter users had a similar reaction and a few posed some rather unsettling questions.

Why are people poaching the Lapras? Are they eating them?

Over-fished and used by others as a vehicle of sorts (woah, that’s profound), Lapras is a Pokémon with a deep darkness inside.

Some even wondered which part of the Lapras would actually have monetary value, suggesting the shell might be what poachers would have been seeking.

Lapras’ background description isn’t the only one giving people pause, though.

▼You may never look at Golduck the same way.


Sun: Has supernatural powers that come from the red part of its forehead. Has also been a victim of over-fishing in the past.
Moon: Swims on the lakes and sits on the shores, quietly eating the fish Pokémon it has caught.

golduck description

Wait. Pokémon eat other Pokémon? Does that mean that they are a part of the food chain?  Or do they have their own food chain?

What I personally find the most disturbing, though, is the description of Nyabby’s attack.

Fiery Hairball Attack! Nyabby can attack by setting the hairball inside its body on fire! 


If you’ve see a hairball in real life, you’ll understand just how disgusting that really is.

Have you caught wind of any other unusual Pokémon descriptions or attributes? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: NetLab
Featured image: Pokémon
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