In a society that prides itself on polite customer service, this ticket machine stands out for its hilariously impolite treatment of customers.

“The Customer is God” is a common phrase used in Japan to describe the incredibly high level of esteem given to patrons in the service industry. From graceful bows to the beautiful art of giving change, everything is regimented and respectful, and after you’ve been here a while, it’s easy to take it all for granted – that is, until a machine like this comes along to put you back in your place.

The ticket machine, located at Kita-Senju Station in Tokyo, is causing a stir on Twitter after it was filmed being blatantly rude to a customer. Twitter user @noraitasu, who filmed the incident, put his Suica touch-and-go commuter pass into the machine for a top-up and when it was returned to him, this is what happened.

Instead of gently coming to rest in the slot upon its return, the train pass was spat out with force, landing on the ground at the commuter’s feet. This is one ticket seller who’s clearly had enough of serving customers!

Twitter users have been in stitches over the machine’s mini meltdown.

“This is too funny. I can’t stop laughing at this!”
“What bad service!”
“Throwing things at customers is a definite no-no.”
“It needs to go back to employee training!”
“It should be reprimanded for its horrible manners!”

While the extent of its punishment for terrible customer service remains unclear, the machine was given a time-out as soon as its bad behaviour was brought to the attention of its supervisors.


Let that be a lesson to all wayward electronics out there! In Japan, machines are also held up to the same scrutiny as their human counterparts in the customer service industry!

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@noraitasu