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A wonderful video from days past takes us on a magical musical journey that will spirit you away.

Besides the fact that Studio Ghibli movies are stunning to watch, there is another element that makes them eternally captivating: the music. You might not remember exactly what movie the music comes from, but you can’t forget the emotions and wonder of Ghibli when you hear the familiar notes. Sometimes a performance is so captivating that you can’t help but sit there and watch, like this performance of “Itsumo Nando Demo” by Erutan.

While this video is already a few years old, we were rewatching it recently, enthralled by the performance, and simply felt compelled to share it! If you’ve already seen it, we reckon you’ll enjoy another viewing — and if you haven’t, you’re in a for a treat!

Erutan (also known as katethegreat19) is a self-described fan of Studio Ghibli and with her Celtic and classical roots, she beautifully recreates the depth and imagination of Spirited Away in her arrangement of “Itsumo Nando Demo”.

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Though she doesn’t speak any Japanese, it’d be difficult to pick that out during the song. Her performance of all the different parts is what draws you in and after listening for a bit you might feel yourself be spirited away, like Chihiro, to another world.

Erutan has also arranged renditions of famous songs from Final Fantasy, TV shows and performed her original songs, all of which can be found on her YouTube page. We would love to hear other music from Studio Ghibli movies with a Celtic influence, such as The Secret World of Arrietty.

However, it looks like we might have to wait quite a while — Erutan posted earlier this year on Facebook that she was experiencing physical trouble with singing and hasn’t updated since. Hopefully the musician will make a recovery soon, because we’d love to hear more music from her!

Source & screenshots: YouTube/Erutan Music