For this fortunate man, honesty has paid off in the most beautiful way.

Thailand has pulled at our heart strings with touching advertisements and tear-jerking commercials in the past, but now there’s a real-life tale emerging from the country that’s warming our hearts and making us reach for the tissues.

The story begins with a 45-year-old homeless man called Woralop, who had nothing but 20 baht (US$0.58) to his name. One day, he saw a business man drop a wallet, and when he picked it up, he found it was filled with credit and ID cards and about 20,000 baht (US$577). Unable to find the owner again in the crowd, he instead went to the local police station, and despite being virtually penniless, he handed the wallet in with everything intact so it could be returned to the person who had dropped it.

The wallet did make it safely back to its rightful owner, a 30-year-old factory owner by the name of Nitty Pongkriangyos, whose girlfriend shared the above picture of the two on Facebook, along with their story. Nitty decided to return the good deed with another act of kindness, by offering Woralop a job at the company.

According to Nitty, this type of honesty is exactly what they look for in an employee, so Woralop is now a part of their team, employed with a good salary, and he’s even been provided with free accommodation in their company housing.

The heartwarming story has made news around the country, with Woralop making several television appearances alongside his grateful employer and girlfriend.

According to media reports, Woralop is grateful for the opportunity to change his life and is happy to sleep in a clean bed. Nitty and his girlfriend are also happy to be giving back to the kind man, whose honesty has brightened the lives of everyone around him, and is now touching hearts around the world and restoring our faith in humanity.

Now, where are those tissues?
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