Lusamine is the recently revealed glamorous president who seems to have already garnered a massive fan club.

A new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon was released earlier this week and it revealed a fair bit of new information. Fans were introduced to the Aether Foundation, which appears to be a group researching Pokémon in the region and are somehow related to the new Ultra Beast Pokémon that were also revealed in the trailer. But none of that is as important as the cute and affable president of the Aether Foundation, Lusamine.

lusamine-1YouTube/The Official Pokémon Channel

Fans and artists have been quite taken by this new character and plenty of great fan art has already been drawn in appreciation of someone we’ve known about for barely a week.

▼ What else could be hiding under those luscious locks besides sparkles?

▼ Looks like she’s ready to take over for Spark as Team Instinct leader.

▼ Hatsune Miku should be glad Lusamine is a glamorous president
and not a glamorous vocaloid!

This phenomenon is definitely something we’ve seen before, like when a cute ghost Pokémon was revealed in a magazine. Hopefully, Lusamine turns out to be a likeable character in the game, but there already seems to be some questions about her relationship to Team Skull’s Gladion due to the similar hair color. Only time will tell if she is a force for good or a force for evil!

Source: Kai-You
Featured image: Twitter/@unicokecocco