Catching monsters in Pokémon Go is much more fun with a mighty Pokémon on your finger!

“U-TREASURE by K.UNO”, the Japanese company who brought us a gorgeous line of Pokémon bridal jewellery, is back with an exciting new range, and this time their rings are mightier than ever, featuring the characters of Venusaur, Blastoise and Charizard in stunning silver designs. Whether you’re stepping out in the real world or swiping your phone while immersed in the augmented reality of Pokémon Go, it’s easy to add some strength to your style with these gorgeous conversation-starter pieces!

Venusaur stands out with its large flower and a powerful pose that becomes even more dramatic when bathed in the sunlight outdoors.


▼ Charizard looks fierce as it spreads its wings, ready to take off from your finger at any moment and let out a burning, fiery flame from its jaws.


▼ Blastoise is beautifully detailed, spreading out over your finger with its menacing face and large, shell-covered body, complete with extended water cannons.


With their high silver content and meticulous attention to detail, the mighty Pokémon rings (regardless of which fingers you wear them on) don’t come cheap. Each one retails for 38,000 yen (US$372.20), and can be purchased with a beautiful monster ball accessory case for an extra 4,000 yen. Orders can be made from 9 September at the “U-TREASURE by K.UNO” Pokémon jewellery online store or in person at the Keiuno Okinawa Ashibina store in Okinawa.


Source, Images: PR Times