If you needed a console to go along with the new game, this is the right bundle for you, but don’t take our word for it, let Meiji Era poet Ichiyo Higuchi tell you all about it.

Persona 5 is the latest game in the Persona series that features students channeling powerful summons through questionable methods to defend their school and world from evil forces. The long-awaited installment comes out on September 15 in Japan, which is the exact same day that the recently revealed slimmer version of the PS4 console is to be released. Thankfully this means that Sony is coming out with a bundle that will include the new Persona game with their redesigned console. We say thankfully, because it brought us this magical commercial.

Ichiyo Higuchi is the Meiji Era poet and writer whose face appears on the 5,000 yen note, and in the commercial, Higuchi shows off her formidable writing skills in the form of a song that expresses to PlayStation fans that Sony has heard their complaint that 34,980 yen (US$340) is a little bit too much. Now, customers who are looking to purchase a PS4 can save a single Higuchi (5,000 yen) when buying the console at the new price of 29,980 yen ($292).


▼ “It’s one of me cheaper (It’s 5,000 yen cheaper).”


With the piano on the rooftop and style of music, the commercial is really giving off an Angela Aki vibe, however that doesn’t stop the main character of Persona 5 from swinging in to “rescue” Higuchi.


Whether you are a fan of the Persona series or a looking to get your hands on the new redesigned PS4, one thing is for certain, we wouldn’t have this glorious commercial without them.

Screenshots: YouTube/PlayStation Japan
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