Here’s another case of a cat that’s eating better than us hoomans.

It’s become more and more apparent in recent years that our feline overlords are gaining an ever tighter grasp on the human race. They’ve already tricked us into worshiping them on multiple occasions, and have even brainwashed us into taking cooking lessons to learn how to prepare fine feline cuisine.

Speaking of cooking, there’s one person who recently shared his own recipe for a fancy feline feast online. Jun Yoshizuki, the Japanese husband half of YouTube vloggers duo Rachel & Jun (Rachel is his American wife), also has his own channel called Jun’s Kitchen in which he prepares a variety of dishes and is often accompanied by his pet cat Kohaku. Just look at the two of them together, and you can see how tightly Kohaku has Jun wrapped around his little paws:

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He doesn't cry ever. He just keeps poking me.

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In the latest installment of Jun’s Kitchen titled “Store Cat Food vs Homemade,” Jun decided to try an experiment in which he offers Kohaku a homemade meal made out of sea bream, salmon, chicken, yellow fin tuna, bonito stock, and catnip powder as well as a plate of dry cat food to see which one his furry friend would pick. Watch the short video below to see the results, which are hardly surprising to say the least:

▼ Kohaku’s keeping a close eye on the prep stage to make sure Jun’s not skimping on the fish.


▼ Just look at that mood lighting! Why can’t we be Jun’s cat??


▼ Yep, looks like we have a clear winner here.


Jun listed the ingredients and instructions for making the same cat dish in his YouTube video description, but he also cautions cat slaves owners to do some research before cooking to find out which foods are okay for felines if you feel like experimenting a bit. Instead of conducting our own experiment, we’ll be trying to figure out how to convince Jun to cook for us…

Source: Laughing Squid
Images: YouTube/JunsKitchen