Pies! They’re not just for dessert anymore!

As with many of its menu categories, McDonald’s has offered a number of pies that are exclusive to Japan. Right now, the fast food chain is selling Hakuho white peach pies, and in the past they’ve also tempted us with anko sweet bean and Hokkaido milk cream versions.

But you don’t need a sweet tooth to enjoy McDonald’s Japan’s newest addition to the lineup: the Bacon Potato Pie.

A crispy packet of bacon, potato, and onion filling, the Bacon Potato Pie was a fixture at Japanese McDonald’s locations from 1990 to 2002, making it a nostalgic favorite for many, including former AKB48 idol singer Minami Takahashi, who’s seen in the above video reminiscing about munching on them in her childhood. As part of McDonald’s celebration of 45 years in Japan, it’s resurrecting a few more of its past hits as well, with the Texas Burger, an extra-large sandwich with fried onion, cheese, and barbecue sauce, also set to make a comeback soon.


The Texas Burger will be showing up first, on October 5, priced at 490 yen (US$4.75), with the 150-yen Bacon Potato Pie making its grand reentrance on October 12. Both items will be available for a limited, as-yet unspecified time.

Source: IT Media
Top image: McDonald’s Japan
Insert image: McDonald’s Japan