Interestingly, the foul-mouthed teddy bear seems to have a bit of a following in Japan, enough for him to get his own cafe and bar!

The movie Ted was a huge hit in Japan, so we knew there would be no shortage of Ted-themed collaborations and merchandise, but now, more than a year after the film was released, the naughty teddy bear has his own bar and cafe in the hip Shibuya District of Tokyo.

For some reason, Ted has gained a huge amount of  fame and popularity here in Japan, perhaps because Japan has always tended to be particularly partial to fluffy cuddly objects (even more so if they move and talk), or maybe because his less than refined language and behavior didn’t quite have the full impact in Japanese as it would have in English, creating in the mind of the Japanese public a cuter, cleaner image of Ted than he  deserves. In fact, movie distributors in Japan actually went out of their way to release Ted 2 in a toned-down, family-friendly PG12 version. Whether a “PG12” version defeats the point of a film like Ted is a subject for another debate, but it does show that a Ted movie that the whole family can enjoy was in demand in Japan.

Now, Ted fans in Tokyo can visit a cafe and bar entirely devoted to the infamous Teddy Bear, from the decor to the menu.

▼ Take a look at some shots from the cafe and bar, where Ted can be found all over the place.

The menu includes dishes like the “R18 Dry Curry” and the “Ted Face Pizza“, and it certainly all looks like a lot of fun!


▼ Yes, basically the foods are cute and zany, like this “Fluffy Loco Moco” plate.

▼ Here’s the Dry Curry, a Japanese creation that involves minced meat and diced vegetables cooked in a curry flavor.

▼If you’re in the mood for some meat, there’s the Hamburger and Steak Plate.

▼ They also have some interesting drinks as well, like this “Ted’s Milky Banana“, which is apparently one of Ted’s favorites.

Yup, they’ve been quite creative with the menu, and other offerings include the cocktail “Tequila Gordon Sunrise“, named after Ted and his owner John’s favorite hero Flash Gordon, as well as treats like Ted-shaped gummy bears. The Tequila Gordon Sunrise even comes with an “edge-of-your-cup” Ted figurine that can be placed to sit on the edge of a cup or can.

They also have original Ted goods like badges, T-shirts, iPhone cases, tumblers and bags, so there’s certainly plenty for Ted fans to check out!


What’s more, since it’s a bar, they’ll be open until three in the morning, so while you can have a regular meal for lunch and dinner, adults can also party late into the night, which we’re sure suits Ted perfectly fine.

The Ted Cafe and Bar is open for a limited time until late November,  so if you want to party in Tokyo and you’re not averse to foul-mouthed teddy bears, you know where to go!

Shop Information
Ted Cafe and Bar / テッドカフェ&バー
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho 33-13 Kusuhara Building 2F
東京都渋谷区宇田川町 33−13 楠原ビル2F
Tel: +81-3-6455-0541
Hours: Lunch  11 am – 5:30 pm
Dinner  5:30 pm – 11:30 pm
Party Time  11:30 PM – 3 am

Source and images: PR Times press releaseTed Cafe and Bar website
Original article : Usagi Yumeno ©Pouch
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