Does CLAMP need a new member on their team?

Fanart is hard to get behind sometimes because artists will put their own personal spin on characters you already know and love. However, when someone’s personal spin is “stunningly gorgeous” it’s easy to become a fan!

Artist @Dangmill_11, loves to show off their work on Twitter, and followers have been treated to a constant stream of beautiful art inspired by famed manga artists CLAMP. If you look through Dangmill’s work, you’ll see plenty of pieces from different CLAMP series, but characters from Cardcaptor Sakura make regular appearances.

▼ Apparently the name for Sakura in Korea is the Korean word for “cherry”.

Dangmill’s attention to detail and bright wonderful colors match so well with CLAMP characters that we just can’t stop looking at them!

While CLAMP has been notoriously slow with their work, with three series currently on indefinite hiatus, the team is now working on another three ongoing series, including a Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc. So while you patiently await those new chapters, you might want to head over to Dangmill_11’s Twitter or Pixiv account, where you can tide yourself over by drooling over more fantastic fanart!

Source, images: Twitter/Dangmill_11