Adorable” and “arachnid” aren’t two words we usually associate with each other, but this video is changing our minds.

By now, pretty much everyone knows that the Internet is full of adorable cat videos. It’s a global phenomenon to which Japan is a regular contributor.

But it’s a well-known fact that everything is cuter in Japan, and that apparently applies to animal videos of all types. How else can we explain the fact that Japanese Twitter user @niragorou has managed to record a cute spider video?

As @niragorou sat down at his computer to create some digital artwork, he discovered an eight-legged visitor hanging out on his monitor. With the blank white screen of his creative canvas being displayed, @niragorou started wiggling the cursor around, which the spider immediately responded to by rotating itself to keep its eyes on the moving image.

Now that he had the creature’s attention, @niragorou slowly began stretching a line across the screen, and the chase was on! Wherever the line extended, the spider pursued, playfully pouncing on the cursor periodically.

“Sorry, the spider chasing after my pen is too cute, so I can’t draw anything,” @niragorou tweeted to his followers. It’s kind of a shame, since looking through his previous tweets reveals that he’s actually a pretty talented artist.

But even if he couldn’t produce any drawings this day, he at least made a really cool video.

Source: Twitter/@niragorou

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