Author Sterling North’s classic book Rascal, about North’s own adventures with his wily pet raccoon, has delighted both children and adults for generations. The story also became a huge hit in Japan with a wildly popular animated series adaptation in the 1970s, and the character is still well-known today.

Due to their intelligence and craftiness, raccoons are known mischief-makers. They are also really stinkin’ cute, which makes them- or more specifically, Rascal- the perfect match for these limited edition Halloween donuts, from donut-specialty shop Floresta.

Five different Rascal donuts will be available at Floresta branches across Japan until October 31. The almost too-cute-to-eat themes include donut hole vampire Rascal, donut hole wizard Rascal, donut hole pumpkin Rascal, Halloween ghost Rascal, and Halloween wizard Rascal. Princes range from 300 to 380 yen (USD$2.50 to $3.20).




It’s not hard to see why these donuts are such a huge hit: creative, colorful designs, and the nostalgia factor that this household name brings.



Plus, who can pass up those beady little chocolate frosting eyes?

▼ You better eat it, before it eats your soul







Only being available for a limited time means that if you miss your chance, you may never get to try them again! Or, maybe you’ll just have to wait until next year. Maybe…

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Source: grape
Top image: Floresta