Sure, Chihiro got to ride a dragon, but her Studio Ghibli anime co-star apparently gets around on a pretty sweet bike.

Perhaps what most sets Hayao Miyazaki apart from other anime creators is his ability to portray that childlike mixture of fear and excitement that comes with encountering something, or someone, completely unknown and unpredictable. While this is something that’s present in many of his works, perhaps the clearest example is found in the character of No-Face from Spirited Away, the only anime to have ever won an Academy Award (at least for now).

The faceless creature is a mix of frightening power wrapped around lonesome timidity. As such, No-Face is capable of eliciting a wide range of emotions, whether in his original animated form or in subsequent fan tributes. Preschooler dressed up as No-Face for Halloween? Pretty darned cute. No-Face cosplayer falling face-first as he tries to sprint to the far side of the street? Hilarious.

And No-Face, chasing you on a motorcycle?


Well, terrifying and funny, to be precise. Japanese Twitter user @lionifuly, who shared the photo, tweeted “No-Face is chasing me,” along with a pair of LOLs, a combination of sentiments which has been echoed by many online commenters.

“Scaaaary LOL.”
“That’s creepy, but funny too.”
“Hahaha so funny! But also sort of eerie.”
“Oh man, can’t stop laughing.”

Among those who could contain their laughter, more than one wondered if the rider was wearing protective headgear, as required by Japanese traffic regulations. “I’m pretty sure he had one on under the mask,” replied @lionifuly, because even for No-Face, riding with no helmet is a no-no.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@lionifuly

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