Region famous for its sand dunes gets beautiful public art pieces featuring more than a dozen different Pokémon species.

As anyone who’s embarked on an in-game quest to become a Pokémon Master, or done so vicariously through the anime exploits of Ash/Satoshi, can tell you, catching ‘em all requires you to travel far and wide. So it’s only fitting that the Pokémon manhole cover project isn’t focused only on major Japanese cities, but also dedicated to highlighting Japan’s more remote regions as well.

And so the newest batch of Pokémon manhole covers is appearing in Tottori, where Sandshrew will be beckoning travelers to visit the often-overlooked prefecture!

Why Sandshrew? Because Tottori’s claim to fame are its sand dunes, the only ones in Japan. In total, 14 Pokéfuta (as the Pokémon manhole covers are called in Japanese) are being installed in Tottori, which is located along the northern shore of western Honshu (Japan’s main island). While Sandshrew, in both standard and Alolan varieties, is the star, the Ground-type is also joined by a supporting cast of other Pokémon species.

▼ Top row: Pokéfuta for Tottori City (with special guest Buneary) and Yonago (Farfetch’d)
Bottom: Pokéfuta for Kurayoshi and Sakaiminato (with Krabby)

▼ Top: Iwami (Xato) and Wakasa (Snover)
Bottom: Misasa (Froakie) and Yurihama (Shellder)

▼ Top: Kotoura and Daisen (Litwick)
Bottom: Nambu (Trapinch) and Hoki (Glalie)

▼ Left: Nichinan (Illumise) and Hino (Swablu)

The exact installation dates vary by design, with Minatosakai (Krabby) and Nambu (Trapinch) Pokémon manhole covers already in place. The majority of the rest will be appearing later this month, but late-bloomer Iwami (Xato) will be getting its by April 10. Exact locations for each can be found here on the official Sandshrew Pokéfuta website.

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: PR Times, Pokémon Local Acts
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