Once again, the number-two Pokémon is right on Pikachu’s heels.

Eevee’s National Pokédex number is 133, but in terms of marketing, the much-loved species is really the number-two Pokémon. Sure, Pikachu usually takes point on collaborative Pokémon projects, but you can usually expect Eevee to be the next to join in.

That’s proving to be the case once again with the team-up between Pokémon and popular Tokyo confectionary Tokyo Banana. Last month the delicious little cakes rolled out a Pikachu version, and sure enough we’re about to get an Eevee one too!

The makers of Eevee Tokyo Banana describe Eevee as “the Pokémon that’s so cute you can’t resist giving it a hug,” but you’ll want to restrain yourself and not squeeze the cakes in your arms, since they’re filled with banana custard cream. And while they could have taken the easy route and used the same filling as the Pikachu Tokyo Banana, instead they’ve given the Eevee version a flavor all its own by enhancing the custard with the taste of caramel macchiato.

Each cake bears one of six patterns, five with Eevee showing you a smile, and the last featuring the Pocket Monster’s tail. True Pokémon Masters will immediately recognize the heart-shaped cleft in the tail’s tip marking, signifying a female Eevee.

There are also six Eevee illustration variations that grace the two-pack’s packaging, with the individual cakes in wrappers that look like Poké Balls.

In addition to eating them as-is, the makers also recommend freezing the Eevee Tokyo Banana to turn it into an ice cream-like treat, or lightly toasting it like French toast. While freezing or singing Eevee might seem cruel, these suggestions are actually a salute to Eevee’s many possible in-game evolutions.

The two-pack, priced at 291 yen (US$2.80) goes on sale January 2 at 7-Eleven convenience stores nationwide in Japan, with sales at other stores beginning at some unspecified date in the future. And if your heart and sweet tooth belong only to Pikachu, you’ll be happy to know the Pokémon Tokyo Banana specialty shop inside Tokyo Station is already open and selling the Pikachu version.

Source, images: PR Times
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