Why just eat your vegetables when you can wear them too?

Celebrity endorsements are a powerful marketing tool in easily star-struck Japan, so it’s not unusual to see actors and models appear in commercials, often dressed to the nines as they portray a fashionable lifestyle featuring the product they’re promoting. Case in point: TV personality Haruka Fukuhara, who recently turned heads by showing up in an ad dressed in a beautiful two-tone dress filled with frills and ruffles.


It’s definitely on the girlish side, but fits well with Japan’s taste for feminine fashions, and with her youthful aura, it’s a look that the 18-year-old Fukuhara has no trouble pulling off. But as fetching as her outfit is, this actually isn’t an advertisement for the dress, but rather the tool used to make it. And no, that doesn’t mean that Fukuhara is trying to sell you a sewing machine, since the video reveals that one wasn’t involved in the production process.

As the photographer snaps away, Fukuhara reaches down to the orange, skirt-like portion of the dress that wraps around her hips, grasps a frill, tugs it free…


…and then pops it into her mouth!


Granted, some celebrities have unusual eating habits, but Fukuhara isn’t on a strict textile diet. Her dress is actually made of gracefully curved slices of carrot and daikon radish, because what she’s endorsing is the Nonoji Root Vegetable Frill Salad Kezurina hand peeler.

▼ Seen here being used for its primary, non-apparel-related purpose.


While most home chefs don’t demand couture-quality cuts of produce, the well-defined ridges of the Kezurina’s slices do look pretty appetizing. The peeler is available online from retailers such as Amazon and Rakuten, with prices starting at 1,296 yen (US$11.50). Fukuhara’s veggie dress, meanwhile, is not commercially available, although armed with a Kezurina, you could probably make your own for about 20 or 30 bucks’ worth of groceries.

Source: IT Media
Top image: YouTube/leben nnj
Insert images: YouTube/leben nnj, Amazon Japan/ノーブランド品

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