Limited-edition vegetable snack cube dreamt up by a Japanese elementary school kid goes on sale

Coro Coro Vegetable is by kids and for kids, and it looks deliciously nutritious!

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Kandaba, moui, and sakuna: We have fun taste-testing Okinawan fruits and vegetables

Our reporter samples 11 types of produce unfamiliar to her in order to crown the overall victors and losers of the island diet.

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We tried eating a raw “mizu nasu” eggplant, and it tastes like a weird fruit【Taste Test】

This eggplant is supposed to be sweet like fruit…so we ate it like a fruit!

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Japanese crowdfunding underway for bottled Onionade, just like mom used to make

And if your mother never made fresh-squeezed onionade for you, you may want to consider if she really loved you.

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Japanese restaurant says its wonder ramen provides all the vegetables your body needs in one bowl

Oh, and it has about half the carbs of regular ramen too.

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Famous curry chain now offers Low Carb Curry, a delicious treat for the health-conscious

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have more excuses to stuff ourselves with yummy curry.

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Colorful custom Cup Noodles sold at Momofuku Noodle in Osaka with 2,145 different varieties

Join us as we sample Cup Noodles’ new custom-made and vegetable-themed soup shop.

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Snuggle up to a sexy daikon body pillow in Japan

This cheeky viral radish is waiting to seduce you.

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Gyu-Kaku campaign brings special veggies and sauce “Vege-Kaku” set to the menu for summer

The popular yakiniku chain is offering the set for the duration of the summer at participating locations throughout Japan.

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Japanese actress wows in stunning edible dress made of vegetable slices【Video】

Why just eat your vegetables when you can wear them too?

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We tried this scrumptious all-you-can-eat Kyoto veggie breakfast buffet for only 500 yen

What better way to start your day than with freshly harvested, local vegetables from Japan’s ancient capital city?

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Japanese cat wows the internet with an insatiable hunger for vegetables

From cucumbers to cabbage and sweet potatoes, this cat can’t resist the allure of a good vegetable.

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This eye-catching tomato juice is golden — literally!

Wait, what kind of juice did you say this was?

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Japanese train stopped in its tracks after elderly resident leaves vegetables in its path

Passengers were surprised to hear the announcement: “The train will be delayed due to vegetables on the tracks“.

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We try Japan’s amazing-looking salad “cakes,” now on sale in Tokyo! 【Pictures】

Looks can be both beautiful and deceiving.

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Tokyo company’s HQ has indoor rice paddies, grows more than 200 types of vegetables【Video】

If you work in an urban hub like Tokyo, you can pretty much forget about seeing everyday countryside sights like rice paddies and plump red tomatoes. That is, unless you work here…

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The Japanese town where cucumbers are forbidden

The cucumber is a magnificent vegetable. Apart from simply being eaten as part of a healthy diet, they can also be cute, made into art, brought to life, and even given as treats to helpful Shiba Inu. With so many uses, is there anyone out there who could possible hate cucumbers?

Apparently, yes. There’s one town in Japan where it is strictly forbidden to grow or eat cucumbers. Why do they hate the vegetable? And is their rule actually valid or are they all in a pickle over nothing?

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Can you guess the most-consumed vegetable in Japan? This survey reveals the results

Japanese cuisine has a reputation for being super healthy, with its incorporation of nutrition-packed fish and seasonal vegetables. True, the diet of many Japanese today is not at all ideal, but your more traditional Japanese meal still has bragging rights for its healthfulness, and vegetables are still eaten in abundance.

The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare recently released the results of a survey revealing a ranking of the most eaten vegetables in Japan, but what claimed the number one spot? A vegetable you might not even be able to find in your own country!

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Italian fruit sculptor amazes with unbelievable art on a unique canvas

The beautiful thing about art is that is has no boundaries, no baseline and no rules. You might disagree with someone on the interpretation of how a piece speaks to you, but it is still art.

Everyone remembers their grade school art classes where one of the first assignments was to paint or draw a bowl of fruit, right? It’s a perfect starting point since fruits come in different shapes, sizes and colors, so it’s a great way to figure out how to convert real-life into still-life on the page.

However, there is an amazing artist that is turning that notion on its head, instead of creating a piece of art by looking at the fruit, how about creating art from the fruit itself? This Italian artist is going to blow your mind with his amazing sculptures carved out of a piece of fruit.

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Aubergine the kitty is looking for a new home, prices himself at 100 yen (and inspires copycat!)

In rural areas of Japan you can often see little vegetable stands set up by the side of the road, where farmers sell their surplus produce for small amounts of money, usually 100 yen per bag. The stands are unmanned and work on an honour system, so you just put your money in the little box and take your pick of produce.

The stands are a pretty common sight in Japan, but we had to do a double-take when we saw this Twitter picture of a kitty named “Aubergine” (or eggplant to our readers in the US) apparently offering himself up for purchase – and at 100 yen (US$0.80), he’s a steal! However, he’s not the only kitty to have attempted this little trick…

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