Lotteria gives us chocolate burgers for Valentine’s Day in Japan

No fancy frills here — just a whole bar of chocolate wedged inside a bun.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! outbreak turns heads in Shibuya

Because nothing catches people’s attention like a crowd of spiky-haired students strutting around en masse.

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McDonald’s releases new “Yakki” burger based on a popular Japanese meal

There’s even a scent-filled 4-D promotional movie being screened to coincide with the new burger’s release.

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Moving Filipino Rogue One promo will cause tears to escape from your eye’s exhaust port【Video】

You’re crying, they’re crying, we’re all crying. As good a reason as any to see the movie!

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Neat idea turns fast food tray and smartphone into functional football game

With the World Cup fast approaching, football fever (that’s soccer mania, for our American readers) is taking over fans everywhere, but perhaps nowhere more so than in already football-manic host country Brazil.

One fast food chain there has hit on a football-related promotion far more fun than the usual athlete endorsement: allowing customers to turn their food trays into a 3-D video game and shoot penalty kicks at a smartphone-sized goalie.

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