How many goods and doughnuts can you get in a lucky bag for less than ten bucks? Come with us as we find out!

When fukubukuro season rolls around each year, Mister Donut is one of the first in line to release their New Year’s lucky bags, with sales starting on 26 December. This year was no different, so we got in quick to make sure we didn’t miss out on one of the most affordable fukubukuro on the market. With a 1,080 yen (US$9.20) and 2,160 yen bag to choose from, we chose the cheaper of the two and despite the low price point, we were more than happy with what we found inside!


Like many of the food-based lucky bags, this fukubukuro makes up its value straight away with the discounted coupons included inside. This one contained a card that could be exchanged for 10 free doughnuts or pies, up to a retail price of 172 yen each, meaning this was already worth 1,720 yen in value.


On top of that, there was a cute Snoopy calendar and two carry bags decorated with the cute character and a bunch of his well-known friends.


There’s also an actual element of luck with this bag, as there are a number of original goods making up the final component of the fukubukuro. We received a square-shaped ceramic plate covered in a Brooklyn cityscape scene.


Whether you’re a doughnut lover or a fan of value-for-money purchases, you can’t go wrong with a fukubukuro from Mister Donut. Plus, with their love of cute character collaborations, the popular doughnut chain has lots more up its sleeve to keep us happy throughout the rest of the year!

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