Chansey and friends are just the icing on the cake for this doughnut extravaganza. 

It’s that time of year again when we race about town catching as many of Japan’s fukubukuro lucky grab bags as possible, and one that we never let slip through our hands is the one from Mister Donut.

As has been the case in past years, Mister Donut has collaborated with Pokémon for their lucky bags this year, and this time Chansey, known as “Lucky” in Japanese, will be bringing us good fortune–and good doughnuts–in 2021.

The “MisDo Pokémon” lucky bags went on sale in Japan on 26 December, in 1,100-yen (US$10.64), 2,200-yen, and 3,300-yen varieties, and we went all out by purchasing the most expensive option, which gave us a whole heap of goodies in return.

▼ First up was this cute wall calendar, featuring Chansey with a parade of starter Pokémon on the cover.

Next up was a small pouch, which was the perfect size for a pencil case. Covered in sweet Pokémon hiding out amongst even sweeter doughnuts, this pouch will ensure Mister Donut is never out of your thoughts for too long over the coming year.

Another cute find was this beautifully decorated zip-lock pouch, slightly smaller than the other pouch, but just as cute with its Pokémon-in-a-jar design.

▼ There’s also a tote bag with Pikachu and Chansey printed on the side…

▼ And a 2021 diary with Pikachu on the front cover!

▼ Cute images inside include this one of Pikachu’s rear, seen through a doughnut hole.

▼ Rounding off the cute merch was this roll of masking tape adorned with Pokémon.

While the Pokémon goods were fantastic, what really elevated the lucky bag to one of the top spots for us this year was the addition of these two free doughnut coupon cards. Each card can be exchanged for a total of 15 doughnuts up to the price of 160 yen, which equates to 4,800 yen of value!

Seeing as the bag cost 3,300 yen, this was like getting all the cute Pokémon merch for free AND getting nine doughnuts for free as well! How’s that for value?!

With the coupons valid through to 31 May 2021, we’ll be visiting at least once a week to make sure we don’t miss out on all our free doughnuts. As always, these lucky bags tend to sell out fast, though, so if you love doughnuts and Pokémon as much as we do, you’ll want to grab one of these as soon as possible!

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