Now customers can rest easy knowing the President of the United States will always be on the back of their mind.

It wasn’t too long ago that President Trump rubbed shoulders with Piko Taro and Prime Minister Abe in a dynamite encounter. Such is the state of affairs when it comes to Donald Trump; almost everything he does becomes the focus of media outlets.

Fans impressed by Trump’s uncanny ability to instantly grab public attention will be glad to know they can do just that at a hair salon in Taiwan called XB Hair Salon. Using hair as a canvas, resident hairstylist Allan will fashion a hair-tattoo guaranteed to turn heads… with the back of your head.

▼ What better way to start a political debate
than with this presidential hair tattoo.

The brilliant hairstylist spares no effort in faithfully replicating Trump’s trademark hairdo and facial features from just a photograph. What a way to show support (or disdain?) for the President of the United States.

▼ Aside from Donald Trump, Allan has also helped customers tattoo
portraits of Bruce Lee, the Mona Lisa, and even Mickey Mouse.

Save for those striving to become trendsetters of a very peculiar type of fashion, we don’t expect these portrait hair-tattoos to become common anytime soon. Let’s not even go into how messy they’ll look like when the hair grows out.

The Trump hair tattoo might prove invaluable during cosplay events or demonstrations, but if you’re really looking to make a bold statement about your political stance, we’d highly recommend heading down to the nearest salon and getting a total makeover like what Mr. Sato did with Donald Trump instead.

Source: Toychan, Facebook/EBC
Featured image: Twitter/@toychan