Fast food can make your body fat, but apparently McDonald’s fries can make your beats phat too.

To a true musician, music isn’t found just in instruments and voices. It’s all around us, in the rush of the spring wind, the whispers of a flowing river, and the footsteps of humanity walking through its cities.

Oh, and also in McDonald’s.

Rather than harsh buzzers and bells, Japan likes to design many of its machines to play peppy jingles when they’ve completed their tasks. One of the most prominent examples is the deep fryer at Japanese McDonald’s branches, which play a distinctive series of three notes when a customer’s fried are ready.

▼ The McDonald’s fry chime

The sound is music to the ears of fry fans, one of whom is Japanese Twitter user @teikyousann. Even though someone already transcribed the McDonald’s fry chime to sheet music last spring, @teikyousann decided to do his own transfer, recreating the sound digitally on his PC. Hearing the notes played back in a repeating sequence, they become a clear and driving rhythm, and so @teikyousann began adding other parts to the arrangement, with the result being this incredibly energetic piece of music.

Blending chiptune, dance, pop, and rock elements, @teikyousann uses the humble chime as the starting point for something truly invigorating. As a matter of fact, it no longer feels like something to eat fries to, but something to set as your morning alarm noise to get yourself jumping out of bed and ready to make the day as awesome as it can be.

Well done, @teikyousann, and if you’re ready for your next project, we’d really like a pumping remix of the Family Mart convenience store welcome chime.

Source: Twitter/@teikyousann