Ordinarily, this much confidence would border on arrogance, but there’s no way we can stay mad at that face.

Cats, the Internet has roundly decided, are adorable. You could say that about many members of the animal kingdom, but perhaps what makes cats so charming is the nonchalant, unintended manner in which they so often show off their cuteness.

Frequently, cats don’t have to do anything other than indulge in their natural leisurely leanings or seek to satisfy their curiosity to have people oohing and aahing over them. However, the cat shown in this video, shared by Japanese Twitter user @Itch8969, seems to be perfectly aware of not only how cute humanity finds felines in general, but that it’s one of the cutest kitties around, as it works the camera while confidently staring into the lens the entire time.


Alternately curling and spreading its digits, the cat never blinks or looks away, even as rolls about and strikes new poses. It even spends a few seconds with a satisfied smile on its face, apparently already anticipating its coming Internet fame while rhythmically continuing its paw gestures.

Online commenters had the following to say:

“Just so incredibly cute.”
“( ◜ᴗ◝ )  ←My face while watching this.”
“I wonder what it’s trying to do?”

@Itch8969 has a tongue-in-cheek theory about that last comments, as he likened the cat’s paw motions to those of a rock-paper-scissors player repeatedly throwing out rock and paper. Of course, using only two of the three moves possible in the game means that 33 percent of the time, the cat is going to lose, but on the other hand, it’s already won the Internet’s heart.

Source: Twitter/@Itch8969

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