The giant creamy croquette burger comes in two delicious varieties, with a very special overhaul for 2016.

As one of Japan’s top ten most popular McDonald’s burgers, the Gurakoro is a limited-edition classic that customers look forward to when it appears on menus at the end of every year. For 2016, McDonald’s Japan has just announced that this year’s Gurakoro has been given its first overhaul in 23 years, with a new “evolved” flavour thanks to improvements made to the taste of its sauce and buns. To mark the new changes, the burger will now be called the “Cho Gurakoro” or “Ultra Gratin Croquette“, and sold for a limited time from 14 December.


According to the company, the thick egg sauce will now have a richer egg flavour, with the spice levels of the croquette increased to work as a nice contrast to the mellow sauce. The addition of fresh cream and butter to the dough means the buns are softer and more flavour-filled than before, with a light and fluffy texture that works well with the crunchiness of the fried croquette.

The Demi Cheese Gurakoro will also be renewed this year. The cheddar cheese and demi-glaze sauce will now have a richer flavour to enhance the flavours of the spicy croquette.


McDonald’s Japan is recommending the new burgers be paired with a side of chips (or fries depending on where you’re from!), which include the awesome-sounding “Tomato Cream” seasoning for a limited time.


These menu items won’t be around for long, with the campaign due to end after the first week of January, so if you’re curious to try the new flavours, be sure to stop by from 14 December. The Cho Gurakoro will retail for 340 yen (US$2.98), while the Demi Cheese Gurakoro will be priced at 370 yen and the Tomato Cream seasoning can be purchased with any chip/fry order for an additional 30 yen. And don’t forget to end your meal with a limited-edition crème brûlée latte. Oh là là!

Source: Net Lab
Images: McDonald’s Japan (edited by RocketNews24)