Age is no barrier to beauty when you feel comfortable in your own skin.

In the past, we’ve seen ads that pull at our heartstrings and have us reaching for the tissues, but now it’s time for a commercial that inspires us to feel empowered at any age.

Created by lingerie maker Triumph International Japan, the new clip features 55-year-old Seiko Matsuda, one of the country’s most well-known faces, who made her debut on the idol scene back in 1980 at the tender age of 18.

▼ Take a look at the young “Seiko-chan” singing “Hadashi no Kisetsu” (“Barefoot Season”) in 1980 (song starts at 1:40).

Matsuda has been enthralling audiences with her songs for years, but now the pop singer-songwriter is capturing the attention of viewers as the face of Triumph’s Florale lingerie line. Designed for mature wearers, the popular collection aims to compliment the beauty and confidence of women who have a rich tapestry of life experiences.

Take a look at Matsuda skipping through the ad for the new Spring/Summer 2017 range below:

For the longer version, which introduces the range of bras available in the Florale Spring/Summer 17 collection, take a look at this clip below:

Filmed with a special high-speed camera, the new commercials, which are currently appearing on Japanese television, encapsulate a sense of freedom and joy we all hope to have when we’re dancing around in our underwear in our 50s.

Dubbed the “eternal idol” for her ageless beauty and unending popularity, the ad shows another reason for Matsuda’s enduring appeal. Her total body confidence proves there’s no age limit to beauty; as long as you feel beautiful in your skin, you too can be an “eternal idol”, no matter what age you are!

Source: Netatopi
Featured image: YouTube/Triumph International Japan