Cute cats are venturing out into the world of intimate apparel again with gorgeous results.

Japanese online retailer Felissimo has been bringing out adorable cat-themed items for several years now, even adding a cute collection of feline lingerie to their product lineup back in 2014. The popular range has been updated over the years, with a variety of cat breeds now appearing in the extensive bra-and-pant collection, which includes everything from graceful Russian Blue-inspired pieces to refined sets inspired by the Siamese cat.

Now the company is adding two new items to their cat lingerie collection, and this time they’re designed to be worn around the home, so you can laze about indoors with all the carefree abandon of a purring, paw-licking feline.

The new three-piece sets include the “Cute Nyanko” – “Nyanko” being a cute way to refer to a cat in Japanese – which consists of a pair of white frilly pants, a blue-lace adorned babydoll slip and a matching tail, all embellished with pink ribbons to represent the pink-coloured nose of the blue-eyed white cat that serves as this outfit’s inspiration.

▼ The next slip on offer is the “Sexy Nyanko“, which features the same glossy, dark colour of a well-groomed black feline.

The black three-piece set includes a pair of ruffle shorts, a camisole, and a removable black tail. Orange ribbons peek out from the folds of material like the bewitching orange eyes of the black cat.

▼ Both designs come with removable inserts for extra support and comfort.

▼ The sets also feature specially designed straps that mimic the shape of cat ears.

Available in medium, large and extra-large sizes, both designs are currently available from the Felissimo website for 5,284 yen (US$48.20) each, with international purchases available from their global website shortly. As always, a portion of the sale price goes to the Felissimo cat fund, which works to care for animals without owners and provide assistance to foster pet programs.

Source, images: PR Times