It looks just like the real thing, without the risk of explosion.

Cosplayers are definitely some of the most innovative people out there. I mean, who else would think to turn a hose and some party crackers into a Yu-Gi-Oh millenium item? It’s always impressive to see what sort of things a creative mind can make out of everyday items, like cosplayer @kymzzzzz on Twitter, who recently shared her progress as she made a Remote Bomb from the newest Zelda title, Breath of the Wild.

In the game, players can use a rune to create, as the name suggests, a glowing bomb that can be detonated remotely with the push of a button. The bombs can be either spherical or cubed in shape, and give off a calming blue glow. @kymzzzzz decided to make a spherical bomb.

“Making a round Remote Bomb. Of course it will glow too! I plan to bring it to the Chokaigi cosplay item experience area, so please come take a look♪”

▼ To make the accents, she carved the shape out of foam board, heated the edges with a lighter, and filed away.

▼ In order to accommodate the lighting mechanisms, she had to make the top part bigger than it is in the game, but it still looks awesome!

▼ The finished product is a real Remote Bomb straight from the game!

Even if you’re not an avid gamer or Zelda fan, this Remote Bomb would make a unique nightlight with its soft blue glow. Commenters are overall really impressed with the outcome as well:

“I want a Remote Bomb for my place. You could probably sell these.”
“It’s gonna blow up your room!”
“So amazing! Such high quality! You should make the square version too!”
“I thought it was a Chandelure.”
“Amazing! It’s like the real thing!”
“What is this I want one lol.”

Chokaigi 2017 is happening this coming weekend in Chiba, so if you have the chance you’ll want to check it out and take a look at this cool creation in person. If you’d like to cosplay yourself, there is plenty in the way of inspiration and tricks to get you started.

Source: Twitter/@kymzzzzz via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@kymzzzzz