From beer bottles to Pokémon and short-skirted anime girls, these Japanese students know how to celebrate their last day at university.

Over the years, students at Japanese universities have been delighting us with their amazing cosplay graduation ceremonies, where students show off their impressive handmade costumes and giant salmon heads have been known to cause a commotion.

One educational institution that often makes national headlines at this time of year is Kyoto University, one of the most prestigious and serious places to study in the country – except on graduation day, that is, when the graduating class has the option to go a little crazy, dressing up in all sorts of creative outfits to mark the special occasion.

▼ These students kicked off this year’s festivities with an entertaining pencil battle on the grounds of campus.

Cardboard props and costumes were popular with those wanting to add a bit of cosplay fun to their more sensible suits on the day.

▼ As seen on this young gentlemen, who stepped into the photo frame of his Kyoto University Student Card.

▼ And these two, who accessorised their suits with their PokéStops.

A number of Pokémon fans on campus saw the day as a chance to step into Exeggutor’s striking long-necked Alola form.

Shin Godzilla also made an appearance, in bubble-head form.

This young man paid homage to the food that sustained him throughout his student years by dressing up as a gyūdon beef bowl from Japanese fast food chain Yoshinoya, which gave away free bowls on designated “Super Friday” dates as part of a tie-up campaign with Softbank last year.

▼ Meanwhile, this student found a unique way to say “I worry about myself” to everyone.

Other students chose to cosplay together in groups, like these boys who showed off their love of beer as the “Bottled Beer Army Corps“.

▼ And this group, who got together to create a set of smartphone apps.

▼ Low-cost cosplay even got a look-in, with some yellow box-head characters.

Others used the day to take to the political stage in an impromptu sidewalk Japan-US-ROK summit.

While others went all-out with their costumes, dressing up as characters from Star Wars

▼ Love Live Sunshine

And mechanical drummer Kuidaore Taro, one of the most famous symbols of the Osaka region.

If there was an award for stand-out costume of the day, it would’ve gone to this guy, who stood out everywhere with his Hunter x Hunter Gon cosplay.

▼ His statuesque hair even made it inside the auditorium for the official ceremony!

Whether in suit or costume, the sense of freedom and creative energy at Kyoto University’s graduation ceremony is something we all love seeing at the end of the school year in Japan. Let’s hope the revered cosplay tradition on campus remains as strong as ever next year too!

Source: Kai You
Featured image: Twitter/@kyodai360