Mist descends upon Japan’s “Killing Stone” after ceremony to appease nine-tailed fox spirit

Does this mean the priest’s purification ritual has placated the beast? Or is it an omen of something else to come?

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Japan’s “killing stone” splits in two, possibly unleashing evil nine-tailed fox spirit

Ominous event has people fearing this is a harbinger of doom.

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Hey, Japanese taxi driver! Take us to a great restaurant in Utsunomiya

It’s a gyoza town, but what happens when you ask for a restaurant that’s got other great good too?

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Famous Japanese sword becomes tiny sweets knife in order to slice into matcha pound cake

Celebrate the 100-year anniversary of Ashikaga City in Tochigi with these fun commemorative goods.

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Tochigi Prefecture’s three new Pokéfuta are the first in the north of Japan’s Kanto region

These new Pokéfuta also mean that half of all Japanese prefectures are now equipped with their own unique Pokémon manhole covers.

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Which prefecture has the most chilled young people? Survey asks 20 year olds “what are you worried about?”

How do you say ‘Hakuna Matata’ in Japanese? Maybe people from these prefectures can tell you!

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Terrific Tochigi! Japanese prefecture proves its beauty with scenery showcase【Video】

This jaw-dropping video will make you wonder how Tochigi Prefecture came in last in the prefectural popularity poll.

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Brand-new Tokyo Shibuya Scramble intersection opens…but over 50 miles away from Tokyo?!【Photos】

Tokyo won’t give you a permit to film on the Scramble Crossing? Don’t worry, because now there’s an alternate site!

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Japan’s amazing wisteria flowers are here to make us all forget about the cherry blossoms【Photos】

Amazing garden’s massive 150 year-old flowering ofuji looks more beautiful than ever.

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Free Calpis fresh out of the tap available across Japan in celebration of 100th anniversary

For maximum enjoyment we recommend reading the following article out loud.

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Tochigi man arrested for shoplifting animals from hardware store to feed to his cat

Suspect’s pet must have been a finicky feline to need to eat exotic prey like parakeets and hamsters.

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French woman with epilepsy has been missing in Japan since July 29, police announce

Single traveler spent two nights in Japan before disappearing while in mountainous sightseeing town.

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Starbucks’ cool new Japan Geography tumblers will take you on a trip around the country

Local sites and foods of five prefectures proudly displayed on mugs, bottles.

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Diamond Route Japan series shows off all the beautiful reasons to travel outside of Tokyo【Videos】

This promotional video series will leave you with chills, planning your next trip to Japan

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Soak in a secret Japanese onsen hot spring…in a dilapidated old building

This is one of the most unusual onsen in all of Japan.
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Bear assists police in catching three violent robbers in Tochigi Prefecture

Bears say only we can prevent forest fires, but they’ll help out when preventing robberies.

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We can’t believe it’s edible! Pink curry has surprising single coloring ingredient

You’ll never believe the food item used to create this pink color. Can you spot it?

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Tochigi hot spring pyramid first in the world to let you bathe in cosmic energy as well as water

The Egyptian pyramids stand strong in the scorching heat of the desert, as they have for over 4,500 years. It is said that the techniques that went into building them were well beyond those of human civilization at the time. They are mysteries wrapped inside of enigmas that continue to fascinate us from afar.

And apparently there is also a pyramid in Tochigi Prefecture, which really cuts down on the travel expenses for those of us in Japan wanting to bask in their wonder. One such spendthrift adventurer was RocketNews24’s own Masanuki Sunakoma, who went to investigate.

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Roadside Station Ranking for 2015 is in, find out where you will be driving to in Japan

When traveling in Japan, there are a number of quick and easy ways to see the whole country. You can take the Shinkansen, Japan’s bullet train that excels at speed and comfort. There are also a number of budget airlines including Peach, Air Asia, and Skymark Airlines that can make your trip quicker, but force you to sacrifice some amenities for a lower cost.

But if you have the time, there is no better way to travel around Japan than by hitting the open roads. Just like the US, there are many quirky best-kept secrets accessible only by car that are worth visiting. Some of the best places that really connect you with the locals are the roadside rest stops called Michi no Eki (literally “roadside stations“) that are perfect for taking a toilet or sleeping break, but are also hubs for local food, crafts and history.

Want to find the best roadside stations to visit? The travel website Trip Advisor has assembled a list of the best Michi no Eki for 2015, so gas up the car, it’s time for a road trip.

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This wedding hall in Japan will provide an alpaca to witness you exchange your vows

Weddings are a sacred ritual that take place across all cultures and lifestyles. They are typically extravagant, expensive affairs, with many in attendance. They often adhere to strict observance of certain religious and/or traditional rituals, whether it be the reading of certain Christian Bible passages, the breaking of a wine glass at Jewish weddings, or the ubiquitous “kissing of the bride.”

These ceremonies are held for myriad purposes, but primarily, weddings are held to see two individuals come together as a family unit in the eyes of the law and the participants’ chosen religion.

And, in Tochigi Prefecture, also in the eyes of this alpaca.

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