Innocent toy or illicit toy? You decide.

We’ve seen Squirtle, one of the three starter Pokémon from the original games, reimagined as everything from a cheeseburger to an iPhone case. But one thing we have definitely not yet seen the “tiny turtle Pokémon” become is an inappropriate-looking pillow.

The item was brought to the attention of the Internet when Japanese Twitter user @all_nations2 posted this:

“This Indonesian Squirtle is obscene.”

Oh. Oh my. Whoever came up with the idea for this thing obviously did not think long and hard about what it would end up looking like.

Was it created as a joke? As a knockoff product that the counterfeiters were giggling while they made? We can only imagine the looks of horror on some parents’ faces if their child opened this up as a gift from some unknowing aunt or uncle.

▼ The only possible explanation is that this is all
part of a plan concocted by the nefarious Squirtle Squad.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter reacted to the penile-shaped pillow:

“Yup. That’s a dick.”
“It’s just a pillow. You all have dirty minds.”
“When did Pokémon turn into ‘adults only?'”
“It’s so big.”
“I mean, it makes sense. Squirtle is a turtle after all.”

The last commenter is referring to the fact that “turtle head” is a common euphemism in Japan and Asia for male genitals. So, is there a possibility that this was intentional? We’re not sure if it’s better or worse that way.

Now if we could just figure out what that other mysteriously-shaped gift we got for New Year’s is used for, we’d finally be happy.

Source: Twitter/@all_nations2 via My Game News Flash
Top image: YouTube/Better Know a Weasel!