These Pocket Monsters look good enough to literally eat.

Earlier this month, our eyes and stomachs felt the pull of the delicious-looking Pikachurro. Really, though, churros are desserts, the sort of thing that you’re supposed to enjoy after a more substantial, regular meal.

Thankfully, said meal can also be Pokémon-themed, thanks to the chefs at Down ‘N Out.

On August 23, the Australian hamburger visionaries started selling a trio of what they calls Pokeburgs at their Sydney restaurant. Franchise mascot Pikachu is joined by Bulbasaur and Charmander, with the adorable trio staring back at diners from the top of their sandwich buns.

Just like different Pokemon have different powers and skills, so too do the three Pokeburgs differ in ingredients (though they’re identically priced at AU$15 [US$11.40] each).

▼ Lots of cheese and potato strips on the Pikachu burger

▼ Spicy sauce on Charmander

▼ Bulbasaur, packed with veggies

Completionists are likely scoffing at the exclusion of Squirtle. Considering, though, that aside from his blue color, the water-type starter Pokémon is essentially just a turtle, you could argue that a Squirtle burger would feel a little too much like eating the actual animal for many people’s tastes.

While Down ‘N Out does take-out orders, the Pokeburgs are only being offered for diners eating in the establishment, no doubt preventing numerous accidents that would have been caused by people trying to photograph their food to share on social media while eating it in the car. Similar to the random encounters of the Pokémon games, customers can’t choose which Pokeburg they’ll receive, instead being served one at random after placing their order. Of course, you can get around this problem the same way gamers have been obtaining their desired Pocket Monsters for years by going to the restaurant with a group of friends and trading amongst each other.

Sadly, the Pokeburgs will only be on the menu until September 3. After that, you’ll just have to bask in the sweet memories of eating a Pikachu burger, or else make your own.

Restaurant information
Down ‘N Out
Address: 557 George St/ Cnr Liverpool St, Sydney 2000, Australia
Open: 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m., 5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
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