Those knees must hurt after bounding down 999 steps in two minutes.

Tianmen Mountain in China is famous for its water-eroded cave, with an impressive flight of 999 stairs leading up to it. Scaling the stairs is a feat itself, taking 30 minutes to climb the entire thing.

A massive parkour course covering the entirety of the stairs was built just recently for a competition, and 19-year-old parkour practitioner and instructor Calen Chan took a breathtaking POV film of himself vaulting down all its obstacles in just over two minutes.

▼ Watch the dizzying parkour video here.

▼ Calen starts off at the top with a GoPro camera in his mouth.

▼ This slide looks incredibly fun.

▼ The obstacles include people.

▼ “All right, where’s the escalator!?”

Japanese netizens had some things to say about this, most concerning the safety of everyone involved — willingly or otherwise:

“The tourists are in danger!”
“It’s like real-life
Mirror’s Edge.”
“Oh god, I got sick after watching for just five seconds….”
“Enh, no big deal. I can do that too.”
“That’s not parkour, it’s just walking down stairs in style.”

While this may seem tame compared to Mario and Luigi parkour or amazing somersaults and ninja flips from highschool girls, keep in mind that it’s a very long climb down. Just look at that unforgiving steep incline!

Any miscalculated jump or flip on tired knees will have the runner crashing badly, crippling or even ending his or her life. Props to Calen for making it down in one piece!

Source: YouTube/Calen Chan via Kotaro
Images: YouTube/Calen Chan