Japanese ninja, samurai and courtesans star in new Red Bull ad set in the Edo period 【Video】

Travel back in time to feudal Japan with an epic new clip featuring music by the Yoshida Brothers.

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Pokémon Sun and Moon Meets Parkour in Real Life  【Video】

Pikachu runs and leaps over obstacles as he chases after Team Skull in this epic Alola Island adventure.

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Freerunner barrels down world’s largest parkour course in a thrilling POV recording 【Video】

Those knees must hurt after bounding down 999 steps in two minutes.

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Collection of Jackie Chan’s best freerunning scenes never stops being amazing 【Video】

In case you didn’t already know that Jackie Chan is a total badass.

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Dog’s response to other dog is perfectly acceptable…for a parkour athlete【Video】

Dogs are clearly man’s best friend, until they meet dog’s best friend: another dog.

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Add some ninja warrior cool to your wardrobe with the new Ninjacket from Japan

The team who brought us the samurai armour hoodie is back with a brand new outfit for all the shadow warriors out there.

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Parkour Mario and Luigi are back to tackle this Mario Maker course brought to life!【Video】

The Super Mario Bros. are back to jump, flip and spin their way through another real-life level.

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Amazing highschool ninja ad has nothing to do with the product, everything to do with awesomeness

We’ve no doubt all experienced that feeling of frustration when, right when things are getting good, our favorite TV show is interrupted by an ad break. We kick ourselves for getting suckered in, knowing full well that both the show’s makers and the networks that host it put the ads in where they did for good reason – to keep us glued to our sets that little bit longer.

But there are times when even the ads are so well made that they’re as entertaining as the shows we were watching. This new commercial for a Japanese soft drink, for example, is so cleverly shot that for the first few seconds we genuinely thought it was footage taken by a couple of high school girls tooling around in their classroom. Until, of course, they started back-flipping off buildings, sprinting across roofs and pulling every trick in the ninja book.

Sure, it has almost nothing to do with the product, but we think you’ll agree this is one of the coolest ads around.

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Nintendo’s favorite plumbers doing parkour gets big praise in Japan 【Video】

For those who don’t know, parkour is a non-competitive sport where people propel themselves through their environment by running, climbing, and flipping their way across city structures like a giant jungle gym. A couple of days ago, Nintendo of America released a documentary-style video called “Finding Luigi: Legend of Parkour,” likening the amazing jumps and flips that the character can perform to the real-world practice of parkour.

Around the same time, fans of Nintendo put together their own parkour video, “Mario Bros Parkour,” wherein two sporty guys play the parts of the famous plumbing brothers as they flip their way through a 3-D enhanced world.  Read on for a peek at both of these awesome videos!

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