The Super Mario Bros. are back to jump, flip and spin their way through another real-life level.

We knew it wouldn’t be long before that epic Mario Brothers Parkour video from Dark Pixel got a sequel, and we’re happy to say that Parkour Mario and Luigi’s newest outing doesn’t disappoint.

Stunt actors Ronnie Shalvis and Calen Chan perform a number of mind-blowing acrobatics and dance moves to a fresh remix of Mario’s classic theme.

▼ Who knew Luigi was the best break dancer in Mushroom Kingdom?


▼ That’s one Olympic-style tumbling pass!


▼ Let’s see how you handle this, Luigi!


Besides all the special video effects courtesy of King Bob Videos, it looks like training for the free-run took quite a bit of planning and practice.

▼ Mario workout, anyone?

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Thanks to Casen for the tip!

Source: YouTube/Dark Pixel, YouTube/ItzDeaMan
Feature/insert images: YouTube/Dark Pixel